How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store (Ecommerce SEO Tips)

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Opening your own online store is something we strongly recommend. Amazon and eBay are fantastic platforms as they provide you with buyers and marketing. This means you don’t need to figure out how to drive traffic to your online store because they do it for you. However, they charge you hefty fees for the privilege. This is why we recommend that, in addition to having an Amazon and/or eBay store, that you have your own store too.

For many people though, setting this up can be daunting. While online store solutions like Shopify can make it very easy to set up a store within minutes, after you’ve set it up, you have to figure out how to drive traffic and potential customers to your store.

Luckily, this isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are 3 tips on how to drive traffic to your online store:

Tip #1 to drive traffic to your online store: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for search engine/Google traffic

We’ve got some great ecommerce SEO tips for you. First tip: Pick a keyword that accurately describes with you’re selling. This keyword you’ll use to optimize your page. Focus on a descriptive keyword. With search engines, it’s about the QUALITY of traffic, not the quantity.

You can do this manually, or you can use a platform like Shopify to make your ecommerce SEO easy.

Our next ecommerce SEO tip is for you to put this keyword in the meta title tag of your page.

After that, the next step in ecommerce SEO is to place your primary keyword in your page URL.

Another ecommerce SEO tip is to place your primary keyword in your meta description of the page. Try to place it as close to the beginning of the description as possible.

The next thing to do when optimizing for ecommerce SEO is to place your primary keyword in the image alt tags for the different images on your page.

And a BONUS ecommerce SEO tip for you is to make sure your keyword features in your main body content. I’d recommend it make up 1-4% of the main body words on the page. This is a bit of a controversial ecommerce SEO tip so use it cautiously.

Don’t worry, your SEO doesn’t need to be perfect. Just do the best that you can. Every bit helps!

Tip #2 to drive traffic to your online store: Drive traffic using your Amazon & eBay stores

When people think about how to drive traffic to their online store, they often forget they have a great source already with their Amazon and/or eBay stores.

Be careful though. Amazon and eBay have very strict rules about placing external links on their website. They have strict rules too about you diverting customers away from their websites. Amazon and eBay don’t like it when you “steal” customers from them and they outline this in their terms and conditions.

You can still market to these customers though! For Amazon, I’ve had no problems placing a link to my store on my seller profile, but I’d caution you to do this carefully.

Secondly, you can include a packing slip/thank you with your orders. In this packing slip, you can include a link to your online store: Be sure to not ask people to go to this instead though! Keep it subtle. A safe way is to include a link to it in the signature field of your note/letter in conjunction with a link to your Amazon store.

On eBay, they have strict external link rules. I wouldn’t recommend placing a link to your store on your page. But you can include a link in a thank you note/packing slip. Again, keep it subtle. Including a URL address in your signature along with a URL to your eBay store is a good way to do this.

Tip #3 on how to drive traffic to your online store: Use social media

Here is a quick tip. Create profiles for your store on social media platforms like Facebook. Post to other popular pages within your niche/industry and leave comments that will get lots of likes/comments. This will push it to the front of discussions. People will then click on your name, see your store and hopefully click through to your storefront!

So those are some tips on how to drive traffic to your online store. To get our free ebook to learn how to make 10k/month sign-up now:

Filippo Sogus – SEO per e-commerce

02:18 Piattaforme CMS per e-commerce
05:50 Gli aspetti da tener conto nella struttura di un e-commerce
07:35 I problemi SEO più frequenti
08:38 Problema 1: velocità dell’e-commerce
20:38 Problema 2: contenuti duplicati
29:55 Problema 3: errori 404 e di altri tipi
33:52 Problema 4: SEO negative
41:49 Tecniche SEO per il tuo e-commerce: ottenere recensioni vere
43:25 Case history: il caso reale di 2 e-commerce
48:32 Tecniche SEO per il tuo e-commerce: altri consigli SEO
54:54 Q&A

Se gestisci un sito e-commerce o pensi di aprirne uno a breve per vendere online i tuoi prodotti, questo webinar è per te! Oggi poter essere visibile online, vendere di più e quindi superare i tuoi competitors non è un gioco, ci vuole una vera e propria strategia. In questo seminario Filippo Sogus ha mostrato una panoramica a 360° di tutte quelle tecniche che si possono apportare direttamente nel sito per migliorare il numero di visite e, speriamo, il numero di vendite.
Tra i vari argomenti ci siamo soffermati anche ad analizzare:
– Quali siano i problemi SEO più frequenti nei comuni CMS per e-commerce e come superarli;
– Le tecniche SEO per ottimizzare al meglio Brand e Prodotti;
– Come sfruttare in modo efficace SEMrush per l’analisi dei competitors dal punto di vista SEO e SEM

10 Seo para ecommerce (Iván García)

Iván García nos cuentas como usar el SEO para un ecommerce. Estos consejos también se pueden aplicar a cualquier tipo de proyecto online.
¿Cuáles son los pasos para optimizar una tienda online?
✓El primer paso es pensar en la estructura del onpage. Tomar las keywords globales del proyecto y después las keywords página a página.
✓Crear una buena arquitectura del ecommerce, ya que la arquitectura es el cimiento de cualquier tienda online. Una buena base nos ayudará a evitar futuros problemas.
✓Posicionar los productos por long tail: las páginas que se posicionan por long tail, suelen ser las que traen más tráfico. Por lo que deberíamos usar estas palabras en las páginas de producto.
✓Análisis de patrones de búsquedas y del público objetivo.
✓Focalizarse mucho en las keywords de conversión y hacerlas coincidir con la intención de búsqueda del usuario.
✓Encajar los contenidos de la web con la intención del usuario.

Esta ponencia de Iván para el World Quondos Record, es una joyita para todos los que quieren montar una tienda online, trabajan en SEO para ecommerce o simplemente quieren explorar las posibilidades del posicionamiento online en comercios electrónicos.

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Consigli SEO per il nostro ecommerce

Vediamo alcuni importanti consigli SEO che dobbiamo adottare al nostro negozio e-commerce. Ricordiamo che il SEO permette di ottimizzare il sito web e renderlo più “appetibile” (seo friendly) per i motori di ricerca e permettono di avere una maggiore visibilità.