Filippo Sogus – SEO per e-commerce

02:18 Piattaforme CMS per e-commerce
05:50 Gli aspetti da tener conto nella struttura di un e-commerce
07:35 I problemi SEO più frequenti
08:38 Problema 1: velocità dell’e-commerce
20:38 Problema 2: contenuti duplicati
29:55 Problema 3: errori 404 e di altri tipi
33:52 Problema 4: SEO negative
41:49 Tecniche SEO per il tuo e-commerce: ottenere recensioni vere
43:25 Case history: il caso reale di 2 e-commerce
48:32 Tecniche SEO per il tuo e-commerce: altri consigli SEO
54:54 Q&A

Se gestisci un sito e-commerce o pensi di aprirne uno a breve per vendere online i tuoi prodotti, questo webinar è per te! Oggi poter essere visibile online, vendere di più e quindi superare i tuoi competitors non è un gioco, ci vuole una vera e propria strategia. In questo seminario Filippo Sogus ha mostrato una panoramica a 360° di tutte quelle tecniche che si possono apportare direttamente nel sito per migliorare il numero di visite e, speriamo, il numero di vendite.
Tra i vari argomenti ci siamo soffermati anche ad analizzare:
– Quali siano i problemi SEO più frequenti nei comuni CMS per e-commerce e come superarli;
– Le tecniche SEO per ottimizzare al meglio Brand e Prodotti;
– Come sfruttare in modo efficace SEMrush per l’analisi dei competitors dal punto di vista SEO e SEM

How to Make an Online Store (A-Z eCommerce tutorial + BONUS eCommerce Hacks)

Learn how to start an online store in this A-Z tutorial (table of contents below in description) Starting an ecommerce store is one of the BEST ways to earn a living online! You can build a brand around products you love and have a chance to live the life of your dreams.

In this video I give you every resource and principle you’ll need to start a successful online store. In two hours you’ll learn all the KEY LESSONS I painstaking discovered on my journey growing an eCommerce store into the 7 figure++ annual revenue mark. Hopefully this inspires you and helps you along your path.

4:16 Table of Contents
11:00 My Personal Story
23:57 The Startup Curve
0:27:30 3000% productivity principle
0:33:13 eCommerce ‘Must Knows’
0:39:30 Picking a niche and finding suppliers
0:55:52 How to set up your online store

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1:09:12 How to list products that SELL (+ conversion hacks)
1:06:30 Cart abandonments
1:08:20 A/B testing essentials (split testing rules)
1:13:20 Paid Traffic Sources (ppc, media buys, sponsored posts)
1:14:27 Free Traffic Sources (social, referalls, affiliates, email)
1:15:45 Amazon FBA and wholesale brick and mortar
1:23:50 Viral Growth Hacking strategies
1:27:45 Pricing strategies
1:26:45 Distribution and shipping
1:26:45 Scaling up and automating your business
1:29:00 Hiring and training staff
1:29:00 Building a brand for lifetime value
1:29:50 Optimizing your back end funnel
1:32:00 Customer service 101
1:38:20 Sustainability and your competitive advantage
1:41:00 Q&A (get more in video below)

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When should you hire a company?

A lot of us are guilty of trying to do things ourselves.  For example: marketing, taxes, cleaning, shopping, and painting.  Most people don’t realize that it’s actually costing them tons of money.  You should hire people to do things that are less expensive than what you make per hour and sometimes even if they cost more than what you make per hour.  The reason is because they are experts.  It will save you money in the long run most of the time to hire an expert.  In this example, we are talking about why you should hire a painting company rather than doing it yourself.  Hope you enjoy this economics 101 lesson as it pertains to you and yours!  One business we recommend is Triad Painters.  They are a great example of professionals that get the job done right and end up saving you money in the long run.  Check them out.



The paint job of a room can really make the whole thing look great or look terrible. After all, the paint is going to be one of the first things a person sees. While there are many shows and magazines that show you how to “paint like a pro,” that is a lot of work and can easily result in a mess that’s not that easy to fix. That is why you should consider hiring a painting company. Keep reading to learn more.


When it comes to home improvement, painting is generally one of the first considerations since it is what ties the whole room together. The main problem with doing it yourself is how time consuming it can be. It can also be dangerous if there are areas where you have to climb to in order to paint them. Even if you know all the popular tips and tricks to save time, it is still going to take you a lot of work, effort, and cleanup to make the room look as nice as you hope it does.



Taking time to hire a professional painting company can easily save that hassle. They have the years of experience and the technological know-how when it comes to techniques to get it done quickly. Compared to you, who might do this maybe once or a few times a year, they do it hundreds to thousands of times a year. They also have all the tools and safety equipment to paint those areas that are out of reach. They can either come alone or with a team, which can save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration.


Good painters are like other creatives that you hire to do a service for you. They go over exactly what you want and go over how they plan to accomplish that. The good painters will also let you know exactly what they are doing when they are doing it so that you know exactly how they are progressing with the job. It can be anything from just a solid coat of one color to painted patterns, trims, etc. They also know how to paint around obstacles like switches, cabinets, and the like without getting paint all over them.


The paint that these professionals use is also of a higher quality than you may be able to get because it is vibrant and won’t come off or fade away easily. There are also quality primers used by these painters. Professional mixing techniques, brushes, painting tools, etc. are also used to create the look you want. They know how to paint evenly and smoothly so that the paint fits the room exactly. These painters also can paint this way quickly and without making a huge mess, which they can easily and quickly cleanup without ruining anything in the room.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you should look into hiring a quality painting company. They have the techniques, experience, tools, and times to make your home look just how you envisioned it.

Build a Website Store – WordPress + Jigoshop eCommerce Solution

Do you need to build or re-design a eCommerce store with hundreds, or even thousands of products? Visit or call 925.963.1377

This video will walk you through the process of importing products using the Jigoshop Product Importer Deluxe plugin.

Manually adding products to a website store takes tons of time, and automating the process has never been easier.

If you have an existing store with hundreds, or even thousands of products, finding a solution for rebuilding your store and update the technology behind it can be burdensome. Our company has built quite a few stores using many different solutions, and we can honestly say that Jigoshop is one of the best!

Using the Product Importer Deluxe plugin, the process of loading products into your site is as simple as managing a spreadsheet. However, before you do that, you will need to make some preparations to understand how the spreadsheet works, prepare your images, and more.

This video will walk you through the importing process so you can understand how it all works. For more information, please visit or call 925.963.1377

Wix Website Tutorial | Creating An Ecommerce Site With Wix

Sign up for wix here: and for more business tips visit

In this video I am demonstrating how easy it is to create an eCommerce website using Wix is essentially a drag and drop website builder which is perfect for business owners on a shoestring budget. If you are looking for a wix tutorial then you have come to the right video as I will take you through the basics of wix and how you can use it to create a website in just a few minutes.

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10 Seo para ecommerce (Iván García)

Iván García nos cuentas como usar el SEO para un ecommerce. Estos consejos también se pueden aplicar a cualquier tipo de proyecto online.
¿Cuáles son los pasos para optimizar una tienda online?
✓El primer paso es pensar en la estructura del onpage. Tomar las keywords globales del proyecto y después las keywords página a página.
✓Crear una buena arquitectura del ecommerce, ya que la arquitectura es el cimiento de cualquier tienda online. Una buena base nos ayudará a evitar futuros problemas.
✓Posicionar los productos por long tail: las páginas que se posicionan por long tail, suelen ser las que traen más tráfico. Por lo que deberíamos usar estas palabras en las páginas de producto.
✓Análisis de patrones de búsquedas y del público objetivo.
✓Focalizarse mucho en las keywords de conversión y hacerlas coincidir con la intención de búsqueda del usuario.
✓Encajar los contenidos de la web con la intención del usuario.

Esta ponencia de Iván para el World Quondos Record, es una joyita para todos los que quieren montar una tienda online, trabajan en SEO para ecommerce o simplemente quieren explorar las posibilidades del posicionamiento online en comercios electrónicos.

Install Magento and start an on-line store within an hour!

This presentation demonstrates how to install Magento, complete with a local web server, on a Windows machine within an hour

Magento is one of the most mature and complete e-commerce frameworks available. But more importantly, for really big players, installing Magento is just a start of the game: it’s a rich, fully featured and very well supported development environment, which makes it possible to build really large and advanced systems, very well integrated with the existing business infrastructure.

This makes Magento the ideal choice for many big businesses.

eCommerce – Online Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Product Data Feeds

This video will provide an overview of the free marketing tools available with Nexternal’s ecommerce shopping cart platform including the Facebook Like feature, Twitter’s Tweet button and several search engine optimization tools. Nexternal is a fit for businesses of all sizes and provides hundreds of additional features for merchants interested in maximizing their online success.

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